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Can you guarantee that Just Love Food cakes are nut free?

As a parent of two nut allergy sufferers, I know that even the smallest trace of nuts can have a detrimental effect. So while we can never make a 100% guarantee, I have taken every possible step, and reviewed them time and time again, to make sure we are doing the best that is possible to make our cakes delicious AND nut free – My children eat these cakes, so as you can imagine we do all we can to make them safe.

Do you handle nuts on site?

No. Our factory will never handle nuts. This means that our staff, our visitors and our suppliers are not permitted to bring nuts on site.

How can you guarantee your suppliers don’t handle nuts?

By working with our suppliers we have been able to secure that all of our ingredients are manufactured in an environment that does not handle nuts. We visit them and randomly test the ingredients regularly to satisfy ourselves that the ingredients are safe.

How can you guarantee that your cakes won’t come into contact with nuts on leaving your factory?

To help protect our cakes after they leave our factory we use anti-tamper labels. In addition, we regularly test the finished product for any nut traces, again just to satisfy ourselves that our procedures are working.

What happens if one of your staff has nuts for lunch and then goes back into the production area without washing his/her hands?

For a start, none of our staff are allowed to bring nuts on site, so this would never happen. Every person employed by us is issued with a safe food list which has been prepared by ourselves. All staff also have to follow strict procedures before entering the production area – including changing from their own clothes into their production garments and washing their hands before and after they do this.

What happens if a visitor comes for a meeting onsite having had nuts for breakfast?

Visitors and staff are completely segregated at our factory and they even have different entrances. When a visitor comes to our factory, they have to sign to say they are not carrying nuts and they are not allowed to visit the factory floor. Any contractors who do need to go on the shop floor have to pass through a two stage handwashing procedure and have to change into our company work wear.

Do you just produce cakes or are their other products on the market?

The Just Love Food Company is in its infancy. We are starting with celebration cakes, but it won’t be long before we are branching out into different markets and product ranges. We already have lots of new product ideas up our sleeves and are busily perfecting the recipes so that when you finally get the chance to try them, you’ll be delighted.

Where can I buy your products?

Our celebration cakes are currently sold in over 200 of Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. We are available to purchase in Asda, nisa , and Tesco (Welsh stores). Check out our product page which shows which cakes are available in each retailer.


Here at Just Love Food, we love to share our experiences of dealing with nut allergies.

If you have any questions about our processes, products or even our experience with dealing with children with nut allergies, please pop your question in the box below and get in touch today.

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