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To be the most trusted, high quality, inclusive celebration cake brand within a business that benefits our team, customers and the community.  


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Jamilla, Danika and Rourke. Two of these children have nut allergies. A sufferer of asthma and eczema, aged three, Danika was taken to hospital for treatment for a severe bout of eczema. While in hospital she had some routine blood tests. Two days after leaving hospital, the doctor phoned to ask whether Mike and his wife Karen were aware that Danika had a severe nut allergy. As the children grew up, Karen & Mike saw a gap in the market for nut free celebration cakes. Until Just Love Food Company, not one shop bought birthday cake would guarantee nut free. Mike approached Sainsbury's in 2010 and we launched our first 2 products. 

The Just love food company nut free range expanded into Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons. In 2016, we decided to branch into gluten and milk free, providing a range of free from products to those same retailers. It is our vision to be the most inclusive celebration cake brand on shelf therefore we continue to develop new products, striving to remove more allergens across the range. In April 2019, we will be launching vegan celebration cakes, officially adding egg free to our catalog. 



While many may think that it would be easy to adapt, introducing a nut free diet for the whole family was to begin with a challenge. Every time the couple went food shopping they had to check the ingredients list of the items they were purchasing, and this continues to this day as many items change their allergy warnings on an ongoing basis.

Going to restaurants was also difficult, as was going to family parties. As the children grew up, it didn't get much easier, particularly when the children were invited to friend's houses for tea.

Not only did the parents of friends have to be shown how to administer an epipen, but they also had to check all foods that they were cooking for the children to make sure they didn't contain any nuts. Please click here to find out more about the couple's experience of having children with nut allergies.



Mike decided in 2009 to set up Just Love Food to provide a solution to a problem. When it came to birthday times, the couple always struggled to find cakes on the market for those with nut allergies. All of the supermarket cakes carried "this product is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers" warnings. 

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Our Factory



As you will see from our nut safe promise, we take very serious precautions to make sure that we don’t come into contact with any nuts.

At the entrance, there are restrictions and procedures for visitors to follow and these visitors will never enter the production area.

Our People


Mike Woods.

Mike Woods has spent over 20 years in the food industry supplying major high street stores. He always had a passion for good food and puts this high on his list in what he brings to the business. He also believes in the power of forming “whole” teams guided by a strong faith.

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Our Team

A big part of what we are about is creating a good team spirit at work. For us to be successful, we recognise the importance of our people having passion about what they do. And at Just Love Food, we want to create work place environments where teams can experience great growth. We employ a very talented bunch of people from production managers to bakers, cake decorators to packers.

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Our Partners

Retail Partners

Retail Partners

We think we know celebration cakes better than anyone, so we create ranges specific for each partner that deliver results for everyone.  

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  • "Thank god for you!! My 5 year old gets to take a birthday cake to school tomorrow...and he actually gets to have a piece unlike all year around when the other children take cakes in for their birthdays. Who would have thought that a bit of cake would be so special."


    July 2015

  • "Now we've recovered from Libby's big sleepover! Just wanted to say a big thank you for the butterfly cake and cupcakes they both looked and tasted great and were a big hit with everyone. Will gladly recommend your company to anyone with a nut allergy, and the young guest in question was delighted to be able to enjoy the birthday cake with everyone else. From placing the order, taking delivery to presenting and serving the cakes was a lovely stress free experience, and they tasted delicious. Many thanks again. "


    June 2015

  • "As a mother of a son with a severe nut allergy...this place is a godsend! He gets to eat cake."


    July 2015

  • "Deliciously yummy cakes, my son won some lovely cupcakes through his school cake competition :) definitely recommend. "


    July 2015

  • "I have recently been in touch with just love food company on facebook private messaging, they replied quickly & were very helpful. I am looking forwards to placing orders. A great company providing a fab service & a pleasure to deal with "

    Sarah Newsome

    June 2015

  • "Just wanted to say I have just bought a party chocolate tray bake for a birthday celebration. Nobody had an allergy. I bought it because it looked good. It was brilliant and tasted home-made. I shall spread the word to those I know with nut allergies. "

    Pat Pollard

    March 2015

  • "Another birthday for Team Fez, so any excuse for cake- this time Safari cake so safe for my grandmother (dairy free) and grandson (nut free) so they can enjoy together and a tray bake to have with friends today- thoroughly enjoyed by all!"


    September 2016

  • "What can i say? these are the only cakes we can get that are safe! They taste wonderful but at the same time i know they are safe for my daughter with her nut allergy and that makes it 10 x's as good! We have had several cakes in the past from the tray bakes to the Angry birds! hoping to get more for upcoming birthdays and Christmas! without them we would be rather stuck!"


    September 2016

  • "Love Just Love Food products, we always make sure we have a tray bake with us to any party we go to, it makes sure that my little boy is treated the same regardless of his allergy, you are a godsend for nut allergy mums, would spend many more hours in the kitchen if it wasn't for your company, would highly recommend."


    October 2016

  • "What can I say? Just Love Food are our 'go to' for nut free cakes. The supermarket ranges are useful on all sorts of occasions. We enjoy the tray bakes and decorate your own varieties from Sainsburys. Fabulous to have easily accessible, nut free options. Direct orders to the Company are efficient and perfect for special celebrations. All competitively priced. What's not to love?!"


    October 2016

  • "Delicious, soft and moist cakes, full of flavour and safe for my little boy to enjoy - We often take the 9 piece celebration cakes with us to special occassions, for all the children to share, always a big hit and my little man gets to feel included! Thank you Just Love Food Company!"


    September 2016

  • "When it comes to celebration cakes Just Love are a lifesaver. A brand I can totally trust for my family, and son with a nut allergy. I'd love to see this brand on more supermarkets. Thankfully Just Love are able to tell us exactly where they are stocked which is helpful."


    September 2016

  • "Thank Goodness for Just Love Cakes!! I would and have recommended you to everyone I know. You really have made it easier for us to celebrate special occasions or have a cheeky treat here and there, thank you."


    August 2016

  • "Amazing we would be lost without your products. Peace of mind and great tasting cakes made easy and convenient through in store and online. Being Welsh is a bonus! Thank you."


    August 2016

  • "We love the Sainsbury's Just Love Food free from cakes and buy them regularly! The fact that we can buy a cake from a shop for my daughter is in itself amazing, but they also taste great! Considering they are nut, dairy and gluten free, they are moist and very yummy! Which is why we keep buying them!!! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to our daughter and us as a family."


    November 2016

  • "We had the new Asda free from chocolate cake with stars for my son's first birthday. It was great to finally find a cake which covered multiple allergies (dairy, peanuts and tree nuts). It tasted amazing and my non allergic husband and daughter said it tasted like a 'normal' cake. We will definitely be buying it again!"


    November 2016

  • "The Sainsburys Madeira cake was fantastic it was moist and you would not have known it was gluten free, so everyone enjoyed it especially the Birthday Girl aged 74! "


    September 2016

  • "Thank you guys! We were able to treat our Gluten free friend on her birthday with a cake we could all enjoy. Delicious, moist, great sized cake for young and more mature. (Sainsburys Maderia Cake)"


    November 2016

  • "My other half is gluten intolerant, and I tend to find most bakery produces lacking in yumminess...however this Sainsburys Free From Chocolate tray bake was delicious. It's very very chocolatey and moist with a lovely frosting. I added fresh raspberries alternated with milky bar giant buttons and it was a perfect birthday cake. Definitely recommend."


    November 2016

  • "This company rocks! I discovered their products a few years ago and they keep surprising us with brilliant designs, flavours and fantastic costumer service. You are closing a massive gap on the market and without your tasty cakes we would be doomed. It is also evident that you sprinkle every cake with some magic TLC. Thank you!"


    November 2016

  • "I love the decorate your own sponge, especially when the demands of a peanut allergic 3 year old change several times before an upcoming birthday. This gives me the freedom to have a safe & very tasty cake that I can put any design on, any time I need one."


    November 2016

  • "Sainsbury's Free From chocolate cake.. The round one.. Its my son who has the peanut allergy but Its me who loves it.. Ill never buy another chocolate cake whilst this is on the market.. Delicious!"


    November 2016

  • "Love love love this Nut Free company, I am allergic to nearly every nut and always have to carry my 2 Epi-pens I have always found it a nightmare when buying Birthday cakes, we have a 3 year old & a 5 year old who are also under the allergy specialist. This company makes my life so much easier plus we're lucky as we have Sainsbury's & Asda on our doorstep so I know I can always buy a cake in Blackwood."


    November 2016

  • "Thank you Just Love Food Company. I got to enjoy my 27th birthday with my family with a cake I can actually eat and it tasted delicious!"


    November 2016