Party Venues

  • Pizza Hut
  • Wacky Warehouse
  • Jump
  • Butlins

Currently you can find our products in Pizza Hut, Wacky Warehouse, Jump and Butlins.

It is said now that 1 in every 2 classrooms at primary school has a child with a nut allergy. Catering for a friend’s child who has a nut allergy is a great concern for many. All these party venue partners get that and have decided to make sure the cake they offer is not just fantastic but also suitable for those with nut allergy.

When Mike and Karen’s two nut allergic children,  Danika and Rourke, were young,  many a time they were taken to parties and excluded from having any of the food and told they can’t have any cake. Thankfully due to these partners that is no longer true.

If you are a party venue and wish to join us then generic cakes are available via 3663 and Central Foods. However, if you want to design a cake that is specific for your party centre then please get in touch.